Welcome to the Sedona – Verde Valley Wine Region

Tours start at $85 including lunch

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Did you know that the entire area encompassing Sedona, Jerome, Cottonwood, Camp Verde and more is known as the “Verde Valley”? Verde actually means ‘green’ in Spanish- named so by the Spanish Explorer and Conquistador General Francisco Coronado in the 1600’s because the valley was so green and fertile!

It was known at that time that wild grapes grew in abundance all along the waterways of the Verde Valley, so grapes have been in the area for a long time! We are the desert here- but “high desert” with lots of water sources and high elevation- called diurnal shift- just what grapes need to grow!

Sedona and Jerome Wine Region Tours are all about:

Wine, Vines and History!

Our philosophy is to ensure that our Wine Tasting Tours are fun- while educating you about the grapes, wines, wineries, winemakers, AND the history of the area.

The various towns of the Verde Valley: Sedona, Jerome, Cottonwood and Camp Verde, are all intertwined in the same history and the wine industry is very evident in all these locations! For instance – Did you know: There was a Sedona Pioneer Arrested and Sent to Jail for Winemaking! In 1885, wine was successfully produced by a Sedona pioneer family- the Schuerman Family, German immigrants. When they first settled in Sedona, they began growing grapes- and they supplied the mining town of Jerome with their wine!

Verde Valley Winemakers today continue the wine making legacy in the Verde Valley- and we are here to help you ENJOY the wonderful wines of their efforts! There are boutique wineries and tasting rooms scattered about the Valley and we will help you discover them! Please see our selection of premium wine tours and please call us with any questions!

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